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Hawthorn Glen v Aconex: the rematch

Just over three years since an Aconex shareholder dispute with the management team was settled out of court, another legal action began on Monday in Melbourne – as I noted on Friday. The Australian construction collaboration technology provider is again being challenged by Hawthorn Glen and Ian Baillieu, this time over the conduct of an …

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Hosking steps down at Aconex

Martin Hosking resigned as a director and chairman of Melbourne, Australia-based construction collaboration technology provider Aconex on 15 June, according to a news release on its website. Mr Hosking will now “focus on his role as CEO of RedBubble,” having over the last seven years helped increase revenue by over 15 times. He is succeeded as chairman by …

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Boardroom bickering back on the Aconex agenda

In a recurrence of wrangling that appeared concluded in 2008, a shareholder in Australia-based construction collaboration technology vendor Aconex has forced an Extraordinary General Meeting in Melbourne on 28 January 2011. The only resolution before that meeting seeks the immediate removal of chairman Martin Hosking as director of the company and was “received on behalf …

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