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@NCEmagazine over-Tweets

A few weeks ago, I noticed (Construction gets Twittering) that UK trade magazine New Civil Engineer had started using Twitter to send out news alerts. At first, it was blasting about a dozen every hour, on the hour, but it then slowed it down a bit – to just five an hour, every hour…. I …

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Will new Chief Construction Officer embrace ICT?

Following the publication in July of the Parliamentary Business & Enterprise Select Committee’s report Construction Matters, the UK government is now consulting industry on its proposals to appoint a Chief Construction Officer, requiring responses by the end of this month. According to the BERR news release (2 October), this person’s duties could include: Working with …

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Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land

I enjoyed John Naughton’s demolition of other journalists’ slavish reporting of Microsoft in yesterday’s Observer (see Slavish reporters join Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land). Some of the reporting he ridiculed as “hooey”, including Steve Ballmer’s assertion that Microsoft was somehow a ‘David’ compared to Google’s ‘Goliath’. As reported elsewhere (eg: ZDnet), Ballmer, during his brief …

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I have been having a quick look at the website of another small north American project collaboration vendor, Procore (this follows on from quick notes about Corecon, Coreworx and EADOC, among others in the past 12 months). The website has some interesting information about the solution, but says little about the company itself beyond that …

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Asite non-exec boosts shareholding

Gordon Ashworth, one-time CEO of UK-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration vendor Asite and now a non-executive director, has taken advantage of the company’s low share-price (down to an all-time low of 1.25p recently) to bag a further 156,250 shares at an average price of 1.41 pence. According to today’s London Stock Exchange announcement, he now holds …

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Choose your “better way”

I have written about the Cabinet Office’s Show Us a Better Way competition a few times now – following its launch and then highlighting a couple of interesting ideas (Urban BIM and TfL mashup). The competition attracted around 500 entries and closed at midnight on 30 September, and we now have the chance to cast …

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Business needs more SaaS

Last night I attended a meeting combining the North London branch of the British Computer Society and London Wiki Wednesday, during which there was some discussion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (I also talked about Be2camp). By coincidence, I have just come across a news item on the BCS website, Business needs more SaaS, outlining findings from …

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